Your Success Starts  With  Your Success Strategy!


When it comes to operating a business, strategy is not only key, it is optimal. With over 20 years experience successfully leading strategy, planning, and business development in the corporate sector, Global Consulting & Strategy Lab applies top corporate strategies to the small business approach, building businesses with solid foundations and a competitive edge. All while educating entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations to be well versed in business success practices, basic strategy and tools, and systems and operations in order to work smarter to attain business goals and financial objectives.



The Global Consulting & Strategy Lab Experience provides Strategies, Solutions, and Services to meet entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations 

wherever they are in their business journey. Whether just taking the first step or stepping up to the next level, 

Global provides strategies solutions, and services to take businesses where they need to be for continued scaleability and success.

Through products, services, and solutions

Global Provides; 

1 on 1 Consulting and Coaching options.

- Learning, Support, and Business Development Tools for Entrepreneurs.

- Strategies, Planning, and Guidance to build businesses from idea to “thank you for being a customer!"

- Services for business owners to creatively engage audiences and manage customer interactions.

- Solutions for small business owners to develop strong foundations,  create products, grow organically, define S.M.A.R.T. processes, and streamline operations built on LEAN principles.

- Business to Business Consultations, Groups Workshops, and Participant Tools.

Global Strategy = Global Success!


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Services & Solutions

Need 1 on 1 support with business execution? Or need it DONE?  We a have full spectrum of affordable business services and solutions designed especially for you!

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

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